Dear friends, we decided to tell you about all details of installing a wind tunnel and to demonstrate our elaborate work with the customers step by step. All-around maintenance throughout all stages ensures success, so team work with the customer is one of our key principles.

Clients might miss out on some important details from time to time, so it is often important to help them figure everything out as construction of a wind tunnel represents a technically challenging process. It starts long before shipping the necessary equipment and even before producing it.

The project starts with searching for the right location. It requires paying attention not only to the traffic, but to many other factors as well. It is essential to consider how easy it is to reach, how good the infrastructure is, to think of available public transportation and natural surroundings or the cityscape.

Ideally, the place is supposed to complement your wind tunnel area, complete the impression and make everybody want to come back. People will come to you for joy and their feelings should be consistent with the surroundings. This way they will get the best impression and will be glad to come again and again.

At this point we help with the assessment of the location quality and its engineering support facilities and forecasting possible difficulties connected with installing the tube. We have profound knowledge about the market and all the efficient and not so efficient strategies and we always share this information with the client.

There are two basic scenarios of the project development, both are stunningly interesting, but each one has its specific features:

  1. Construction of a wind tunnel system at a separate plot of land
  2. Integrating the wind tunnel into an existing building, this might be a sports arena, a shopping mall or an entertainment center.

The first scenario

In case of the construction at a separate plot of land we provide our customers with a full list of technical requirements for installing a wind tunnel, such as:

  • minimum suitable area,
  • land designation,
  • methods of getting authorization documents,
  • output required for utility interfaces.

The customer also faces the issue of developing the project of the wind tunnel at this stage. It’s an important point. We give a detailed price list with no hidden payments, but it is necessary to consider expenditures connected with building frame assembly as well.
We are ready to offer the customer thought out solutions that cater to the needs of future clients.

After authorization and approval documentation has been received and the project is ready to be built, the shipping takes place and we begin assembling.
What an incredible moment of all the drafts and papers becoming reality!
We understand our customers and offer complete assembly for those who wish to get a service package. Our project manager and experienced staff arrive at the location. As a result, the customer gets a ready-to-use wind tunnel within 45 days.

In case the client possesses his or her own resources for building, we offer supervised installation services. In this case the location is only visited by the project manager and experts on the subject of some complicated procedures, such as vibration alignment of the fans or gluing the glasses. Anyway, we entirely control the process. At present we have a powerful montage work flow chart, taking into consideration and thoroughly describing the plan of action in any situation occurring at the construction site. It helps the project manager to focus on the job quality and not to feel stressed about each tiny decision that has to be made in different situations. The customer goes through all assembly checkpoints together with the team.